lavender field painting                                                                                                   Maui Lavender Fields   – BUY HERE


Original Paintings and Fine Arts Prints are included in this gallery with items for sale marked with BUY HERE links to the artist’s online store. You can also find smaller paintings and canvas prints on As You Wish Arts Etsy store HERE



“Porpoiseful” Porthole – Original painting on a circle shaped wood panel – buy HERE



Mokes at Heart – Original Large Canvas Painting for sale HERE



Sandbar Saturday – Original Painting – buy HERE


Dolphin Island Dreaming BUY NOW!

Tropical Toad – original painting – SOLD!!!! July 16, 2020!!!

peeking honu        

Peeking Honu  –

A smiling green sea turtle peers at the viewer underwater. An original painting on a 6 inch diameter circular wood panel.  Buy HERE

Sailing painting Star SailingThe Hokulea Hawaiian Sailing Canoe glides through brilliant blue waters towards a distant island using only the stars to guide them –  BUY HERE 


Mermaid Island Series – Original Acrylic paintings in a set of 3.  Island mermaids under the iconic Oahu Hawaii offshore island landmarks Each painting is signed by artist Andrea Sikkink and measure 8″ x 24″ each. Sold as a set only.  BUY HERE

Charging the Wave

A Surfer braves a giant liquid monster wave off Hawaiian shores. The painting size is”18×24″ gallery wrapped painted canvas edges, framed in simple white chalk paint frame-  BUY HERE

Eyes of the PueoPrecious Hawaiian Pueo       (owl) at night sitting in a Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree; with peeling bark detail painted with a pallet knife. BUY HERE

Hilo Night Paradise A quiet idyllic moonlit night on the bay, 9″ x 12″, Gallery Wrapped painted edges *The Original painting from 2011 – BUY NOW

Before the Green Flash

Original Painting of Hale’iwa Beach Park Sunset “Before the Green Flash” .The seconds before the sun sinks into the ocean at sunset – right before the Green Flash – BUY NOW

Baby Honu on the Sand depicts a little Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle ready to journey into the tropical waters on his own. It is an original acrylic painting by the artist and no copies will be made. Painted on to a circular wood panel- diameter 8 inches across. Edges are painted with gold colored paint and is ready to display on your wall. BUY NOW

Giclee and Metal Prints of Many of the Artists works