Original Paintings and Fine Arts Prints are included in this gallery with items for sale marked with BUY HERE links to the store. You can also find smaller paintings and canvas prints on As You Wish Arts Etsy store HERE

Porpoiseful Porthole – Original on shaped wood panel – buy HERE
Mokes at Heart – Original Large Canvas Painting for sale HERE
Sandbar Saturday – Original Painting – buy HERE
Dolphin Island Dreaming- Original Large Painting – buy HERE
Tropical Toad – original painting – buy HERE on Etsy


Mermaid Island Series – Original for sale BUY ORIGINAL NOW!

Octo Tiki
A Sunken Treasure Tiki guards the deep as a curious Octopus glides past Octo Tiki –   SOLD                                                                                                                                                                                                   

 Always There

      Always There  original for sale BUY NOW!


Star Sailing
A Hawaiian Canoe uses the stars to guide her to distant islands

        Star Sailing original for sale BUY NOW!

Dolphin Island Dream
A playful pod of Dolphins plays off the shores of a tropical island surrounded by azure seas and cottony clouds

     Dolphin Island Dream – Original for sale BUY ORIGINAL NOW!       

No Task Too Big
Hard working paddlers tough currents and waves to reach an island

              No Task Too Big – Original SOLD – PRINTS FOR SALE

GreenFlash       Before the Green Flash  – original and canvas giclee copies HERE


Surf’s Up 6″x 6″ – Canvas Print for sale


Best Pueo painting

Eyes of the Pueo  ( Hawaiian Owl) Original Painting HERE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 KailuaMorningWalk

Tranquility Mokes
Tranquility Mokes -sold- in a private collection

Saturday Sunrise best
Kailua Saturday Morning – donated to American Heart Association Ball 2014

Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty – SOLD!!

Honu on the rocks               Honu on the Rocks – limited edition copies HERE

n shore turtle as cover art
Honu at Sunset -sold- in a private collection

Honu Winking by artist Andrea Sikkink
Honu Winking- commissioned and in a private collection

Hatching Honu
Hatching Honu- sold- in a private collection

Hilo Night Paradise by artist Andrea Sikkink                  Hilo Night Paradise – Giclee copies available HERE

KJOS Construction logo commissioned into a painting
KJOS Construction logo commissioned into a painting – in a private collection

Hukai-po Moon by artist Andrea Sikkink
Hukai-po Moon ( Night Marcher’s Moon) -sold- in a private collection

Lahaina Moment by artist Andrea Sikkink
Lahaina Moment – commissioned and in a private collection


Peles Dance – framed original for sale AND limited edition giclees available  BUY NOW! 

Hula Pie Dreaming

Hula Pie Dreaming-original in a private collection in COlorado  -numbered giclees available BUY NOW! 

Little Hula Girl

Little Hula Girl – in a private collection- giclees available –BUY NOW!   

Pali Cliffs from the Bay
Pali Cliffs from the Bay- sold- in a private collection

Charging the Wave by Andrea                         Surfing the Wave for sale here

Waimea Bay Summer


Eastside vista
Looking Towards Koko Head – in a private collection

Watermarked Haleiwa Bridge
Heart of Haleiwa – sold- in a private collection

Completed Arizona Memorial painting
Arizona Memorial – donated to Navy Hale Keiki School Silent Auction

Seas the Day Every Day
Seas the Day Every Day – sold at auction at the American Heart Association Heart Ball

Fig Tree Roots
Fig Tree Roots – sold – in a private collection

Cover art Wailua Sunflowers painting for Diane Sandlin
Wailua Sunflower Fields – in a private collection

Fairy forest close up
Fairy Forest – sold and in a private collection

blue mountains 1988 watermarked with logo
Blue Mountains- One of the Artist’s First Paintings – in a private collection in MN

Framed Jimmy and the Mynah Birds

Are You My Mother?  SOLD

Monarch Fairy – in a private collection

Monarch Morning for Connie drop shadow
Monarch Spirit – in a private collection

Aurora in Almost Maine
Aurora in Almost Maine – sold and in a private collection

Once On This Island
Commissioned work of a scene from a play – sold

stargazing forever painting best
Eagle Nebula – in a private collection

Surfboard Tiki
Surfboard Tiki – original and one of a kind- SOLD- copies can be made for surfboard wrap- contact artist


©As You Wish Arts LLC – 2020

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