Working from home? Social distancing? Artists already know how to do this!

With all the headlines about the Corona Virus ( COVID-19) I know many of you, like all of us here in Hawaii, received the important directive to stay home and work from home ( except for essential workers). I’m happy to do my part and try not to spread the virus. As much as I miss exploring my beautiful island of Oahu, I will try to halt the spread of the virus by practicing social distancing and working from home. I will also try to share photos of Hawaii for those of you also stuck at home and wishing you were here with all of us.

I realized that most of my paintings are completed at home anyway, even those being painted plein air ( outside) are usually still completed in my home studio area. So, I guess I know how to do this. My biggest obstacle will be not going to the beach when I really want to…. and sharing my painting space (and internet bandwidth) with my kiddos whose colleges and jobs are all online so they are at home now too!

Recently I began a series of Dog Painting Commissions that have been keeping me very busy. Here’s one of a cute puppy named Max ( he’s actually a senior dog now but you would never know it from his poses, smiles, and bright shining eyes!)

Working on Max’s portrait…..
Max in his favorite spot among the pansies in his mom’s gardens filled with colorful Monarch butterflies.

These pet portraits are special to me because I love to make them really custom based on the backgrounds and details the pet parents want included. Max’s mom’s favorite flowers are pansies. She also grows plants that not only are food for the caterpillars but also provide nectar for the mature butterflies once they emerge from their chrysalis. It was an honor to make such a custom painting of Max!

Here’s another dog painting in progress, that I started at the beginning of March.
AND yet another portrait of two cuties that I am working on– that have adorable curls!!

Many of you know I balance my time as an artist with being an actress on the local productions. I get to work with the amazing actors on 2 TV shows filmed on island. I recently got to be in the Martin Luther King Jr. parade with actress Amy Hill and local actor Dennis Chun.

My actress daughter M Jenna on the left, actress Amy Hill on the right and me in the middle, before the start of the Martin Luther King Jr. day parade this year.
Amy Hill from Magnum PI and actor Dennis Chun from both Hawaii 5-0 and Magnum PI shows in our local SAG-AFTRA parade float.

A month after the parade, at the end of February, we heard the news that our beloved series, Hawaii 5-0 would be ending after 10 seasons. I had the honor of filming a co-star role in the season 8 finale with my real life daughter ( who also played my daughter on the show). I also worked as a background actor on all 10 seasons in multiple episodes playing everything from a nurse, a lab tech, an HPD officer and CSU. I will miss working with the incredibly talented cast and crew and being on the set of the show. Thank you to the show’s creators and to CBS for a decade of being part of filming this production.

Hawaii 5-0 announced the series would be ending after 10 years on air on CBS. This is a photo from my co-star episode in the season 8 finale that I shared on FB and Instagram when I heard the news that it was finishing its run.

Since the show finished filming and Magnum PI completed filming its second season and went on break, I had a bit more free time to paint and to help promote the newest Teapresso location (and my first large scale mural ) Here’s some fun images from that— before the quarantine went into effect. They are still able to fill your mobile order for now so keep on supporting them. If you are on Oahu later this spring or summer, then please head up there in person for the best Milk Teas, Boba, Coffee and treats and to take your Instagram photo on your way to the north shore.

Teapresso store opens and the tea bar and mural is a big success!
When I was first working on the mural in January ….
to the finished mural and store complete with 3D Sakura branches and blooms and swing!
there’s even grass underfoot!
I love my little rooster hanging in the hollow of the tree!
and when you look up you are surrounded by colorful cherry blossoms! It is magical!

I will try to keep up with documenting my works in progress and letting you know what’s happening here on Oahu. If you don’t already follow my Facebook page please do, its As You Wish Arts. My Instagram handle is @asyouwishartist

Please share with your friends and lets all keep in touch virtually while doing our part during this very important time of protecting others from the virus.

All my Aloha ~~ Andy


Maybe you are like me and still getting used to writing 2020 on paper and documents. And now it’s the last day of January in 2020. It’s been a very eventful first month and I’ve been really excited to share a few projects with you.

This is a digital art concept sketch I created for a selfie wall mural in a store. It was commissioned by a couple who are opening up a boba tea place this coming month in the town of Wahiawa, on my island of Oahu, Hawaii.

They explained they were looking for a Sakura ( Cherry Tree) focal point that would be painted into a north shore scene with a real 3D swing and branches. When I did the digital sketch and sent it to them, they loved it and I got started the very next day prepping the wall and putting in the sky. It is a large wall with the rough cement block surface so blending the paint took time.

That same day I blocked in the north shore mountains, pineapple fields, and Cherry tree shape

Since the mural is inside, I didn’t use any spray paint, this was all hand painted with brushes.

By the second day I had everything roughed in and thanks to my middle daughter’s assistance with a little detail brush, all the holes in the cement block got sealed up with paint.

Then I could begin the fun part of adding the cherry blossoms, lichen and moss on the tree branches and lots of other details!

I wanted to customize it for the store owners so I “carved” their initials K and N into the trunk of the tree…

Final steps where adding the hillside, split rail fence, waves rolling into the shore and more pineapple field details. This was 4 days in to the mural project.

The 5th and final day of painting came once the owner had mounted the swing and ropes. I had to give it a go before adding lots of other details and more cherry blossom petals into the hillside grass under the tree.

I can’t wait for you all to see it! The tea shop opens next Monday February 3rd! I will add a link to their information when I update this post after the grand opening!!

This was one of the most fun to paint, large scale piece I have ever created. I really had fun working with the shop owners to bring their vision to life. Oh, and check out the cute rooster I tucked into the base of the tree. Thanks for reading along and following my artist blog and adventures!

Mahalo for 2019 – I am Thankful for all of you!

Tropical Toad for sale in my Etsy store! click HERE to visit

Aloha all my wonderful Art Supporters and Ohana!

Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner I wanted to say that I am THANKFUL for all of you and your support. I appreciate everyone of you who took time to “like” my paintings on Instagram or Facebook, added comments, and purchased paintings. You are all amazing supporters in so many ways.

I completed the sketch a day challenge for all of October called Drawlloween 2019. So many of you liked my sketches and encouraged me to keep at it the entire month long. Here is my sketch for the prompt “Moon” . All the rest of the 31 sketches can be viewed on my Instagram page @asyouwishartist

I am thankful that I attained a few other milestones this year with my art and my company too. I created my own Etsy store in late July that you can view here. I was slow to join the Etsy world but have had so much fun meeting buyers all over the country and world! Here is one of my favorite reviews so far!

This piece called “Yes, I AM a Unicorn” sold right away and is now up in Alaska! Mahalo for your support of my Etsy store!

Once again this year, I submitted for the judges (back at the start of Jan 2019) for the Hale’iwa Arts Festival. I was happy to be accepted again and show for the 5th year in a row in mid July. I always love meeting so many of you in person and talking story under the trees and tents by the ocean. Here is a link to my Instagram page It has many of my images from this arts festival this year at this link here @asyouwishartist

This is what prepping for the booth looks like…. my poor Ohana!!
Here’s my booth all set up and filled with paintings
This is in the morning of the first day- all set up and ready to go!
I carved and painted a Shark surfboard that sold in the first few hours of the show! Mr. Shark has 2 rows of #D carved and painted teeth. Mahalo to the family that purchased this one of a kind original painting / 3D wall art piece!
My sweet friend “Hoku” the dog visits me every single year- she is 14 and going strong!! Thanks for another amazing year at the Hale’iwa Arts Festival!!!
Some of the smaller canvas prints are really turning out to be best sellers on Etsy!

I also had the honor of painting more pet portraits. I try very hard to make sure I capture the pet’s personality and favorite surroundings or even a background that has special significance to their owners….

This sweet kitty Cleo passed away and her owner was very sad. Her friend asked me to make a painting of Cleo to cheer her up and help her remember that her kitty is now off on a Timeless adventure in time and space.
A painting of 2 dogs on the grass with a rainbow in the sky
This was also a memorial painting as sweet Makana ( on the left) passed over the rainbow bridge a few years back and his brother Radar ( on the right) still misses him.

Thank you all again!

Mele Kalikimaka and Hau’oli Makahiki Hou

Mele Kalikimaka and Hau’oli Makahiki Hou means Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!


Thank you all for being part of my very wonderful 2017! This year I was fortunate to have lots of time with family and friends here in Hawaii and also on the mainland. Many awesome events occurred including: our youngest son graduating from high school with distinction and beginning his college career, our oldest daughter graduating from college and starting a full time job and graduate school, our middle daughter declaring a major and approaching one year until completion of her college degree. We were very busy and feeling very lucky indeed.

This year included lots of travel including time in the Midwest with family and friends, my daughters spoiling me with a trip to the Pacific Northwest to view the total solar eclipse and finally in the fall, a trip to Southern California just in time for Halloween in Old Town San Diego. And always to be blessed with returning home each time to beautiful Hawaii Nei and the paradise I call home. Believe it or not, there was time to paint and complete over 30 works this year too! Thank you to all of you who purchased new original works and prints from my classic line too.

I recently completed a work called “Always Ready, Always There” which depicts a north shore sunset, the waves pumping out in the ocean, and a half lit lifeguard station with its aura of protection and safety.


I will be getting this painting archival scanned and will have prints and giclees available for sale on my website very soon.

I completed several more commission and custom pieces including one of a red-tailed hawk named “Shaka” that is resting on its owner’s gauntlet. Here is a picture of Shaka on his perch looking out towards his owner and completed painting.

Jerry Sell and Shaka the bird painting

And here is a detailed look at this beautiful bird of prey painting

Completed Shaka the hawk

This year has taught me that I like painting all types of animals ( Honus- Sea Turtles have always been a favorite) but I really love painting birds too!

2018 is the Year of the Dog and I expect I may be completing a few more dog commissions in the coming year too. So far I have painted well over two dozen which are now in private collections literally around the world! That is an honor for sure!

Lily in Venice - in a private collection
Lily in Venice – in a private collection

Here’s to a great finish for all of you for 2017 and an even more amazing 2018 to come!

I’ll catch up with you all again in the New Year!

With Aloha,

Andrea “Andy”

Fall Updates

Thank you all for your support this summer! I can’t believe it is officially fall already. Of course “Fall” in Hawaii just means it gets a few degrees cooler at night and we get ready for the big winter surf on the north shore. Ha!

I had an amazing 3rd year at the Hale’iwa Arts Festival this past July. Check out my bigger and better booth! I spent a lot of time planning how to keep it airy and bright and still maximize the display space under the 10′ x 10″ area of the tent assigned to me. I was so lucky to get a corner booth, towards the front entrance area, with awesome artists all around me. I was a very happy lady!

Here are some photos from the weekend….

2017 booth from Anna's instagram


Two of my kids helped me build the booth out! All 3 of them helped me run it too.



I always try to have a mix of brand new, one-of-a-kind originals along with signed giclees and metal prints of popular paintings.

My favorite piece that received a lot of attention was a new Triptych series titled “Mermaid Islands”. You can see it in the photos displayed on the booth wall. My middle child always imagined mermaids at every offshore island around Oahu. This was the inspiration for these dreamy underwater scenes.

Here is a watermarked copy of the series. I wish I didn’t have to cover it with watermarks like this but some of my images have been stolen on social media so I have to protect my work.

highly watermarked Mermaid Islands

I did have this scanned so I can make metal prints and canvas copies for you. The Original of this piece is still for sale and you can buy it direct at this link: Mermaid Islands


One of my largest pieces ( 3 ft x 4 ft) sold the first day so no copies were made of this piece and it sold as a one of kind, Andy Sikkink Original:

WP_20170714_003 (2)

Luckily I love to paint the water and my favorite beaches so if you loved this piece, we can work together to make a commission piece just for you!


My little Hawaiian Pueo (Owl) was very popular too…….

highly watermarked Pueo painting

I will not be making any copies of him either so snatch up the original while you can at this link: Eyes of the Pueo

My Underwater Tiki Surfboard sold.  I signed it for the family plus posed with them for a photo for posterity. They were very sweet and said they think I may be famous one day and they will have one of my original works in their collection!

Tiki surfboard

I did get it scanned so we could make a surfboard wrap or a metal print of it in the future if someone wants an exact copy. Otherwise you know I always love to paint new ideas  too.

There were many more paintings that sold and I had some disappointed customers who waited too long and their favorites were gone by the time they came back to the booth. I hope that next year they will come the first day and not wait too long to buy the paintings they love!!

Speaking of love…the Tiki surfboard inspired my son to buy a giant canvas and have me paint a Kraken grabbing a Tiki buried under the water. It’s one of my biggest pieces yet at 4 ft x 5 ft and took me over 2 months to complete. Check out “Kraken Attack”….

Watermarked Instagram Kraken Attack

I was also super lucky to travel with my Ohana to Minnesota for 2 weeks in August to catch up with family and friends. Two days after getting back from that wonderful whirlwind trip, my daughters bought me a plane ticket to Seattle for my birthday and took me to see the solar eclipse in Oregon on August 21! Seeing Totality was one of my top 10 most memorable moments of my life and I WILL be making a painting of it!! I am so lucky and grateful for that.

Stay tuned and thanks for keeping up with me!

Art(ist) at Work

Cheers to all of you artists that draw, paint, sculpt, write, act, or make whatever art it is that you make and keep at it amidst all the distractions that life can toss at you. When this year began, I was sure I would have more than enough time for my daily life ( aka “real jobs” and family time) that I could still be in my studio each day covering canvases with incredible colors and images. I envisioned ample time to update my artist website, galleries, direct sales site, plus post on social media at least once a day… and while I was at it write a blog post at least once or twice a month.

Here’s how trying to accomplish all of that felt depicted in a painting…

Charging the Wave by Andrea "Andy" Sikkink
Charging the Wave by Andrea “Andy” Sikkink

Ha ha! You got it… I was kind of a dreamer. Obviously I couldn’t fit all of that in. No way did I write a blog post per month- more like one every 12 months. BUT, I have prioritized the most important things. I chose time with my Ohana and creating memories – those are the best treasures of all. My time in the studio may have been sporadic but I have made several paintings in the last few months that I am proud of and truly love. Here are some photos of some of my favorites that you may ( or may not have seen) in my attempts to keep up posting on social media!

Hale'iwa Arts Festival Booth 2016
Hale’iwa Arts Festival Booth 2016

Forgot to post this last summer! It was a great weekend and many of my original paintings sold out!

Hale'iwa Arts Festival July 2016
Hale’iwa Arts Festival July 2016

Waimea Bay Summer
Waimea Bay Summer a commissioned piece now in a private collection

Little Hula Girl
Little Hula Girl – in a private collection

Little Mermaid - sold and in a private collection
Little Mermaid- A look at the process – sold and in a private collection

Seas the Day Every Day
Seas the Day Every Day – sold at auction at the American Heart Association Heart Ball

Aurora in Almost Maine
Aurora in Almost Maine

Surfboard Tiki
Surfboard Tiki

Honu Life
Honu Life – commissioned painting now in a private collection

Koi Tryptich
Koi Triptych- 3 panel large canvas pieces, in a private collection

Yes, looking back, I was in my studio quite a bit. And I loved every minute of it. Let me know what I can create for you…. AS you wish!

Inspirational Times

Those mountaintop experiences in life, if we are lucky, we have a few in a lifetime. You know those times, those inspirational, unforgettable moments, a significant event that indelibly marks itself on your brain for eternity. You can recall it with your eyes closed and remember it in vivid detail. If we are real lucky we have an unforgettable moment or two every year. I have been fortunate to have quite a few in my life. I am even more lucky that I can try to capture those moments through my paintings.

My first Haleiwa Arts Festival last year felt like magic. The fun and hard work of months of getting ready, then setting up and displaying my paintings in the tent at the beach park, the crowds, fellow artists collaborating and conversing, people viewing and liking and purchasing my work. Then in a flash, the first day was done. But, oh, oh, the sunset at the beach park as we were walking to our car, it was one of those unforgettable moments. A fitting moment to an amazing day. My daughter, who helped me all day long and was rightfully as tired as I was, well, we both just stood there watching and soaking in the colorful rays, rolling waves, and swaying palms. The last moments of a glorious day in paradise.

I haven’t even titled this painting yet but I am seriously considering calling it, “The End of a Glorious Day”. Here are the pictures of it in progress through to completion. Thank you for your part in making my dreams come true!

working the colors and clouds


Haleiwa Memorial
adding in the beach pergola

Before the Green Flash – completed

At My Easel Almost Every Day

Aloha Everyone!

Thank you to those of you who prodded me lately to make a new blog post. Have you heard the phrase, “When it rains, it pours” and ” Be careful what you wish for”? Yeah, my mom said those phrases throughout my childhood and I catch myself using them regularly lately- but in good way.

Success! Official Artist Badge

The Hale’iwa Arts Festival in July was an incredible experience. It took a lot of courage ( and pushing from my family and friends) to submit my works for judging in the first place. Then when I got my acceptance letter it became a blur of excitement, booth planning, and painting! So that is why I haven’t posted for months!

Haleiwa Arts Festival 2015
Haleiwa Arts Festival North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii 2015

Thanks to everyone who came by on both days of the festival, said “hi”, offered encouragement, and for all of the art collectors that bought so many pieces from me at the show. A huge thank you to my hubby and all my kids. My middle daughter stayed in the booth with me the entire weekend making sure no customer left without being greeted with a smile and a thank you for coming to the event. Here is a picture of my booth:

My As You Wish Arts Booth at the 2015 Haleiwa Arts Festival

Amazing things I learned from the experience:

  • My original pieces sold more than the giclee prints
  • My soft sale approach was appreciated by many customers- I never pressured anyone to buy right that second
  • My displays were bright and colorful and that drew people in – many customers told me just that!
  • My outdoor curtains capitalized on the shade so people could come in and get out of the sun
  • Smile at everyone and enjoy yourself – the hard part is over and you get to share your passion with people passionate about the arts. Its a total win-win!

I also was humbled by praise from several well known artists who took the time to stop by, welcome me and look at my art and give me advice. When one of my all time favorite artists came by I was like a school kid in awe of their teacher- just speechless and so grateful. It was like a dream come true!

me in my booth
Me in my booth- It was a warm, sunny tropical weekend of bliss on the North Shore of Hawaii

Fast forward to today– I have been at my easel nearly every day keeping up with orders taken at the festival and additional commissions as people email who met me at the festival or heard about me from a friend. I am so very lucky and thankful- when it rains, it truly pours!!

I would love to paint a one of a kind piece for you sometime and I will make it “As You Wish”

With Aloha,

AS  – Andrea “Andy” Sikkink

Two Weeks to the Hale’iwa Arts Festival on Oahu

Aloha Friends!

My last blog post ( a few months ago now) was titled ” Trying To Be Brave- Ready to Be Judged”. I wrote about gathering the courage to send in photos of 5 of my paintings to be judged for entry into the annual Hale’iwa Arts Festival held here on the island of Oahu in July. As you can tell by my lack of postings since, I was honored to be accepted into the festival and have been very, very busy painting! Now it’s 2 weeks before the show on July 18 and 19th in Hale’iwa….yep 2 weeks…gulp!

My goal when I heard I was accepted was to have at least 20 original paintings to display and sell for the festival. I am happy to report I just met and surpassed that goal yesterday. I really appreciate all of your support as I have been posting photos on my Facebook page. Insert shameless plug here…. if you haven’t “Liked” my As You Wish Arts LLC Facebook page, could you please do so and share with your friends. Posts only go out if you have enough followers so I am trying to get to 500 “Likes” soon. Mahalo ~Thank you for humoring me and helping get the word out about my art.

Here is a sneak preview of some of the many new paintings I will have for sale at the Festival. If they sell online before then, well, I will just have to make some back up pieces. Ha!

Son of the Beach reworked
Son OF the Beach

Under A Palm 7.13.14
Under a Palm Tree

Sitting Pretty best
Sitting Pretty

Honu on the rocks (2)
Honu On The Rocks- The framed Original along with signed Giclees will be available

Spam Musubi painting
Ono Grinds Series 1 – Spam Musubi

Pele's Dance
Pele’s Dance – a view of the Kilauea Volcano Caldera at Night The Original Framed piece will be for sale

Fig Tree Roots
Fig Tree Roots – a scene from the island of Kauai Large Canvas gallery wrapped original painting for sale

Heart of Hale'iwa - Rainbow Bridge
Heart of Hale’iwa – Rainbow Bridge on Oahu original painting gallery wrapped for sale

Are You My Mother?  Budgie and baby Mynahs- original for sale
Are You My Mother? Budgie and baby Mynahs in the pali mountains- framed original for sale

Honu at Sunset - original for sale
Honu at Sunset – original for sale