Maybe you are like me and still getting used to writing 2020 on paper and documents. And now it’s the last day of January in 2020. It’s been a very eventful first month and I’ve been really excited to share a few projects with you.

This is a digital art concept sketch I created for a selfie wall mural in a store. It was commissioned by a couple who are opening up a boba tea place this coming month in the town of Wahiawa, on my island of Oahu, Hawaii.

They explained they were looking for a Sakura ( Cherry Tree) focal point that would be painted into a north shore scene with a real 3D swing and branches. When I did the digital sketch and sent it to them, they loved it and I got started the very next day prepping the wall and putting in the sky. It is a large wall with the rough cement block surface so blending the paint took time.

That same day I blocked in the north shore mountains, pineapple fields, and Cherry tree shape

Since the mural is inside, I didn’t use any spray paint, this was all hand painted with brushes.

By the second day I had everything roughed in and thanks to my middle daughter’s assistance with a little detail brush, all the holes in the cement block got sealed up with paint.

Then I could begin the fun part of adding the cherry blossoms, lichen and moss on the tree branches and lots of other details!

I wanted to customize it for the store owners so I “carved” their initials K and N into the trunk of the tree…

Final steps where adding the hillside, split rail fence, waves rolling into the shore and more pineapple field details. This was 4 days in to the mural project.

The 5th and final day of painting came once the owner had mounted the swing and ropes. I had to give it a go before adding lots of other details and more cherry blossom petals into the hillside grass under the tree.

I can’t wait for you all to see it! The tea shop opens next Monday February 3rd! I will add a link to their information when I update this post after the grand opening!!

This was one of the most fun to paint, large scale piece I have ever created. I really had fun working with the shop owners to bring their vision to life. Oh, and check out the cute rooster I tucked into the base of the tree. Thanks for reading along and following my artist blog and adventures!