Fall Updates

Thank you all for your support this summer! I can’t believe it is officially fall already. Of course “Fall” in Hawaii just means it gets a few degrees cooler at night and we get ready for the big winter surf on the north shore. Ha!

I had an amazing 3rd year at the Hale’iwa Arts Festival this past July. Check out my bigger and better booth! I spent a lot of time planning how to keep it airy and bright and still maximize the display space under the 10′ x 10″ area of the tent assigned to me. I was so lucky to get a corner booth, towards the front entrance area, with awesome artists all around me. I was a very happy lady!

Here are some photos from the weekend….

2017 booth from Anna's instagram


Two of my kids helped me build the booth out! All 3 of them helped me run it too.



I always try to have a mix of brand new, one-of-a-kind originals along with signed giclees and metal prints of popular paintings.

My favorite piece that received a lot of attention was a new Triptych series titled “Mermaid Islands”. You can see it in the photos displayed on the booth wall. My middle child always imagined mermaids at every offshore island around Oahu. This was the inspiration for these dreamy underwater scenes.

Here is a watermarked copy of the series. I wish I didn’t have to cover it with watermarks like this but some of my images have been stolen on social media so I have to protect my work.

highly watermarked Mermaid Islands

I did have this scanned so I can make metal prints and canvas copies for you. The Original of this piece is still for sale and you can buy it direct at this link: Mermaid Islands


One of my largest pieces ( 3 ft x 4 ft) sold the first day so no copies were made of this piece and it sold as a one of kind, Andy Sikkink Original:

WP_20170714_003 (2)

Luckily I love to paint the water and my favorite beaches so if you loved this piece, we can work together to make a commission piece just for you!


My little Hawaiian Pueo (Owl) was very popular too…….

highly watermarked Pueo painting

I will not be making any copies of him either so snatch up the original while you can at this link: Eyes of the Pueo

My Underwater Tiki Surfboard sold.  I signed it for the family plus posed with them for a photo for posterity. They were very sweet and said they think I may be famous one day and they will have one of my original works in their collection!

Tiki surfboard

I did get it scanned so we could make a surfboard wrap or a metal print of it in the future if someone wants an exact copy. Otherwise you know I always love to paint new ideas  too.

There were many more paintings that sold and I had some disappointed customers who waited too long and their favorites were gone by the time they came back to the booth. I hope that next year they will come the first day and not wait too long to buy the paintings they love!!

Speaking of love…the Tiki surfboard inspired my son to buy a giant canvas and have me paint a Kraken grabbing a Tiki buried under the water. It’s one of my biggest pieces yet at 4 ft x 5 ft and took me over 2 months to complete. Check out “Kraken Attack”….

Watermarked Instagram Kraken Attack

I was also super lucky to travel with my Ohana to Minnesota for 2 weeks in August to catch up with family and friends. Two days after getting back from that wonderful whirlwind trip, my daughters bought me a plane ticket to Seattle for my birthday and took me to see the solar eclipse in Oregon on August 21! Seeing Totality was one of my top 10 most memorable moments of my life and I WILL be making a painting of it!! I am so lucky and grateful for that.

Stay tuned and thanks for keeping up with me!