Art(ist) at Work

Cheers to all of you artists that draw, paint, sculpt, write, act, or make whatever art it is that you make and keep at it amidst all the distractions that life can toss at you. When this year began, I was sure I would have more than enough time for my daily life ( aka “real jobs” and family time) that I could still be in my studio each day covering canvases with incredible colors and images. I envisioned ample time to update my artist website, galleries, direct sales site, plus post on social media at least once a day… and while I was at it write a blog post at least once or twice a month.

Here’s how trying to accomplish all of that felt depicted in a painting…

Charging the Wave by Andrea "Andy" Sikkink

Charging the Wave by Andrea “Andy” Sikkink

Ha ha! You got it… I was kind of a dreamer. Obviously I couldn’t fit all of that in. No way did I write a blog post per month- more like one every 12 months. BUT, I have prioritized the most important things. I chose time with my Ohana and creating memories – those are the best treasures of all. My time in the studio may have been sporadic but I have made several paintings in the last few months that I am proud of and truly love. Here are some photos of some of my favorites that you may ( or may not have seen) in my attempts to keep up posting on social media!

Hale'iwa Arts Festival Booth 2016

Hale’iwa Arts Festival Booth 2016

Forgot to post this last summer! It was a great weekend and many of my original paintings sold out!

Hale'iwa Arts Festival July 2016

Hale’iwa Arts Festival July 2016

Waimea Bay Summer

Waimea Bay Summer a commissioned piece now in a private collection

Little Hula Girl

Little Hula Girl – in a private collection

Little Mermaid - sold and in a private collection

Little Mermaid- A look at the process – sold and in a private collection

Seas the Day Every Day

Seas the Day Every Day – sold at auction at the American Heart Association Heart Ball

Aurora in Almost Maine

Aurora in Almost Maine

Surfboard Tiki

Surfboard Tiki

Honu Life

Honu Life – commissioned painting now in a private collection

Koi Tryptich

Koi Triptych- 3 panel large canvas pieces, in a private collection

Yes, looking back, I was in my studio quite a bit. And I loved every minute of it. Let me know what I can create for you…. AS you wish!