Inspirational Times

Those mountaintop experiences in life, if we are lucky, we have a few in a lifetime. You know those times, those inspirational, unforgettable moments, a significant event that indelibly marks itself on your brain for eternity. You can recall it with your eyes closed and remember it in vivid detail. If we are real lucky we have an unforgettable moment or two every year. I have been fortunate to have quite a few in my life. I am even more lucky that I can try to capture those moments through my paintings.

My first Haleiwa Arts Festival last year felt like magic. The fun and hard work of months of getting ready, then setting up and displaying my paintings in the tent at the beach park, the crowds, fellow artists collaborating and conversing, people viewing and liking and purchasing my work. Then in a flash, the first day was done. But, oh, oh, the sunset at the beach park as we were walking to our car, it was one of those unforgettable moments. A fitting moment to an amazing day. My daughter, who helped me all day long and was rightfully as tired as I was, well, we both just stood there watching and soaking in the colorful rays, rolling waves, and swaying palms. The last moments of a glorious day in paradise.

I haven’t even titled this painting yet but I am seriously considering calling it, “The End of a Glorious Day”. Here are the pictures of it in progress through to completion. Thank you for your part in making my dreams come true!

working the colors and clouds


Haleiwa Memorial
adding in the beach pergola
Before the Green Flash – completed