At My Easel Almost Every Day

Aloha Everyone!

Thank you to those of you who prodded me lately to make a new blog post. Have you heard the phrase, “When it rains, it pours” and ” Be careful what you wish for”? Yeah, my mom said those phrases throughout my childhood and I catch myself using them regularly lately- but in good way.

Success! Official Artist Badge

The Hale’iwa Arts Festival in July was an incredible experience. It took a lot of courage ( and pushing from my family and friends) to submit my works for judging in the first place. Then when I got my acceptance letter it became a blur of excitement, booth planning, and painting! So that is why I haven’t posted for months!

Haleiwa Arts Festival 2015
Haleiwa Arts Festival North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii 2015

Thanks to everyone who came by on both days of the festival, said “hi”, offered encouragement, and for all of the art collectors that bought so many pieces from me at the show. A huge thank you to my hubby and all my kids. My middle daughter stayed in the booth with me the entire weekend making sure no customer left without being greeted with a smile and a thank you for coming to the event. Here is a picture of my booth:

My As You Wish Arts Booth at the 2015 Haleiwa Arts Festival

Amazing things I learned from the experience:

  • My original pieces sold more than the giclee prints
  • My soft sale approach was appreciated by many customers- I never pressured anyone to buy right that second
  • My displays were bright and colorful and that drew people in – many customers told me just that!
  • My outdoor curtains capitalized on the shade so people could come in and get out of the sun
  • Smile at everyone and enjoy yourself – the hard part is over and you get to share your passion with people passionate about the arts. Its a total win-win!

I also was humbled by praise from several well known artists who took the time to stop by, welcome me and look at my art and give me advice. When one of my all time favorite artists came by I was like a school kid in awe of their teacher- just speechless and so grateful. It was like a dream come true!

me in my booth
Me in my booth- It was a warm, sunny tropical weekend of bliss on the North Shore of Hawaii

Fast forward to today– I have been at my easel nearly every day keeping up with orders taken at the festival and additional commissions as people email who met me at the festival or heard about me from a friend. I am so very lucky and thankful- when it rains, it truly pours!!

I would love to paint a one of a kind piece for you sometime and I will make it “As You Wish”

With Aloha,

AS  – Andrea “Andy” Sikkink

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  1. HI Andy, 

    Congratulations!!!  It’s so cool to be recognized by well known artists for what love to do.   🙂   So sorry I missed the art show.  I hope this finds you, David and your family well.  I hope to see you at an audition or on set sometime to catch up.  🙂

    Big Aloha, Ben

    From my Android phone

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