Ready to be Judged ~ Trying to be Brave

5 paintings submitted for the judges
5 paintings submitted for the judges

Thank you to all the encouragers out there! Truly I wouldn’t be where I am today without you gently pushing me and helping me be brave. For a decade now I have loved to attend the Haleiwa Arts Festival held on the north shore here on Oahu. It is a chance to see some of Hawaii’s most talented painters, sculptors, photographers, print makers, jewelry artists, musicians and more. To me it is a little slice of heaven to walk in the grass next to the ocean surrounded by white tents overflowing with immense artistic talent and beautiful pieces of art. I usually leave with a new art piece I’ve collected, a full tummy from the ono( tasty) food booths, and brand new inspiration to get back to my easel. But I have never yet tried to get in to the festival myself as an artist.

Yesterday I felt very brave when I submitted my application for this July’s event along with 5 of my paintings that I hope represent my unique style. It is now in the hands of the judges. I should know by the end of March whether I get in or not. But finally I was courageous, took a risk, and feel “ready to be judged”.

I am very grateful for all of your support. Thank you to those who email me at and ask about paintings or just say “hi”. Thank you to everyone who displays one of my works in their homes. Thank you to those that have hit the “like” button on my artist As You Wish Arts Facebook page ( I am at 250+ likes and counting!). Thank you for those that follow this blog and leave me comments below. I really appreciate each and every one of you for everything!

As You Wish~~~~ Andy