“Rocky Honu” or “Honu on the Rocks”

When I turned the calendar to December yesterday it was with both excitement and a sense of bewilderment. You know the feeling, right? Where did fall go and how am I going to get everything done in 23 days that needs to get accomplished before Christmas? What resulted was a desperate determination to get some uncompleted paintings done! I put Pandora on but instead of my usual favorite stations…I chose Christmas music. My first painting to finish was a Honu on the Rocks.

This Honu painting was started back in September- yep over three months ago now. Here is a picture of the early stages:

Beginning stages of Honu on the Rocks
Beginning stages of Honu on the Rocks

The poor little guy sat there- just an idea scribbled onto the canvas for another month before I got back to him.

At least for most of October he got his shell colored in:

half way done with Honu on the Rocks
half way done with Honu on the Rocks

Funny how sometimes you just have to really let a painting sit for a while. I still haven’t figured out the perfect combination of musical inspiration, proper caffeine levels, and quiet in my house so I can replicate those times of feverish flow but I sure had it yesterday afternoon and evening. So on December 1st this painting was completed. It is a Honu, a green sea turle, sunning himself on the rocks on the North Shore of my island. It was a rocky road to the painting’s completion so in that vein I decided to title this work, “Honu on the Rocks”. I hope he makes you smile. 🙂 ~~ Andy

Honu on the Rocks
Honu on the Rocks

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