Stewie, Stewie Night

There is this incredibly cute puppy named Stewie. Here is a picture of him:

Stewie photo
            The World Famous Stewie

I ran into one of Stewie’s owners back in August. I told him I would love to make a painting of Stewie. I have done a few paintings of dogs in the past and found them really fun to work on and try to capture their personalities. He sent me some of his favorite photos of Stewie in various scenes. Then he told me to have fun with the background, just do something artsy.

I knew right away what I wanted to do:

Marker in Stewie
drawing in the puppy Stewie to start the       painting

Then I started roughing in the background- can you tell already what I had in mind?

Stewie Blocked in

                                                                                        Then I started working in the colors.

I was having a blast and sending my friend updates through Facebook messages.

We both were getting so excited about the painting!

Colored in Stewie
                      Colors all set. Now for the details like Stewie’s cute fur and eyes.

Here is the almost finished work….

almost done Stewie
                     Nearly finished- just need to work out his bowtie and more of the background

And here is the completed work!

Stewie Stewie Night best
                                                                            Stewie, Stewie Night!

I was so glad that they loved their painting. It was so much fun to work on!

Here are some pictures of Stewie with his painting.

Stewie and painting from Brent
                                                                Stewie poses by his painting

and a Stewie collage

Stewie collage

Mahalo to Stewie and Stewie’s cool humans for commissioning me to paint him as a masterpiece!