Flowing with the Waves and Floating in the Clouds



an inside peek in the creation of a recent painting titled, “Kailua Morning”



Sometimes its all about flowing with the waves and floating in the clouds and seeing where a painting takes you.

Above is Step 1 of a recent painting. This is the rough painting all “blocked in” in a few hours one bright afternoon.


Step 2 took place a few weeks later when I finally had time to go back to this painting. Life takes over a bit and I try to just roll with it and not stress if I can’t get back to a painting right away. This was a few days of adjusting the colors, filling in the water and sand and highlighting the clouds. While I was floating in the clouds literally in this painting, I really felt like I was much closer in that area but now much farther away than I wanted to be with the water. Fast forward a few more weeks…..


Step 3 – I was totally happy with the clouds and adding final touches to the water. The sand was starting to really look nice and wet and the water reflections were really making me happy. I worked on this for another few hours and then had to step away one more time.



Step 4 is the completed piece – “Kailua Morning”. The painting is now signed, my brushes are clean, the supplies are re-organized and I am already blocking in another piece on another canvas ( actually 2 pieces at once) , which is totally normal for me. I hope you enjoyed seeing this progression… I reserve the right to tweak the painting a little more before I apply a UV coating and get it totally ready for its new owner!

Mahalo nui loa for floating along with me while my paintbrush was flowing on the canvas!







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