Early Painting Years

Early Painting Years

My wonderful 81 years young mother recently sent me a few photos of a much younger me painting in the backyard of my old childhood home. Based on the short Princess Di inspired haircut and skinny runner legs, I believe this was about 10th grade. I painted mountains a lot back then, even though my childhood home was located pretty far from the beginnings of the Grand Tetons seen emerging on the canvas in this photo.

I was forever dreaming of far away places while painting a snow capped Matterhorn or a tropical ocean lagoon silhouetted with palm trees. I think its important to remind myself of those early years when I would watch William “Bill” Alexander on PBS and then grab my paints and canvas and just “fire it in”. I had no fear and it was all about playing with the paint and dreaming.

Now all these years later, in fact hundreds of paintings later, I often find myself having to stop negative talk in my head about how long a painting is taking me or how accurate it might be. I need to remember that child-like courage and creativity and just let myself have fun. Those are the paintings I absolutely end up loving the most, the times where I get in the flow and just play!! Those are the times when hours can pass in the blink of an eye and suddenly my keiki are clamoring for mom to step away from the canvas and feed them some dinner. So my new mantra for the next few months is actually a saying of Bill’s, the fiesty old German artist who sparked my first flame as an artist —— “FIRE it in!!!” …………..And now back to my canvas.

Mahalo nui loa ( Thank you very much) for your time.

10 thoughts on “Early Painting Years

  1. William Alexander was the guy that got me thinking that maybe I could paint… I had a two year old and a new born, so I didn’t have a lot of time to paint, but I squeezed in as much time as I could…. funny how we were both inspired by the same guy 😀

    1. That is awesome Jan that we both loved his show. Benjie and I lit up like a couple of light bulbs when we watched his show. We hopped on our bikes, road down to the hobby shop and bought paints then came home and went to town painting. I hid it from my schoolmates because it was considered a weird hobby. Ha! Funny, his successor, Bob Ross was good but never inspired me like good old Bill. Thank you for writing Jan!

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