Making Time for Inspiration

It seems so contrary for an artist to talk about “making time to get inspired” but sometimes that is what it takes. Inspiration doesn’t always hit when you want it to. Even when it does hit you, it doesn’t mean it will last till you complete a painting. There are times when I am in the mood to paint and you can’t keep me away from my easel. Other times I can find about a million other reasons to procrastinate getting back to a piece. Lately, I have learned that I just need to make time to paint and the inspirations will follow and flow.

What does that really mean? It means if I don’t sit down and work on the painting it won’t get done. But, it also means I allow myself to work on several pieces at once so that while I may not be in the mood to finish a particular piece, I might be in the mood to finish a different one or start a whole new one that is even better than the last. So I have coined it ” Divergent Diligence”. Its means I am diligent and make time to paint AND make time to be inspired even if it spreads the focus out on different and divergent pieces. If I feel the beach and ocean calling me because it is a perfect day, then I allow myself to get re-inspired in the sunshine. But then its back to the easel to paint at the next opportunity. Its working so I’m sticking with this for now. Making time for Inspiration and Divergent Diligence. Its what’s on the pallet. It’s ready to be brushed into the canvas.

Thanks for visiting in and sharing some easel time with me!

Aloha and A Hui Hou ( play it again )

First Post – new Website TODAY!

A note from the artist: Andrea “Andy” Sikkink

Andy painting John's picture

Thank you for visiting my website and blog!

My goal is to blog at least once per month about the pieces I am creating, what’s happening on my island home and the latest news about my art company, As You Wish Arts LLC.

Mahalo to all my supporters and thank you for reading my first ever blog post!!